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Francis Willford Fitzpatrick (1863-1931)


Fitzpatrick, Francis Willford 

Personal Information


Occupation:     American architect

Location (state):     MN; CA  

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AIA Affiliation

Member of The American Institute of Architects (AIA) 1889-decease

Fellow of The American Institute of Architects (FAIA) 1889. (On the merger of the Western Association of Architects with The American Instute of Architects in 1889, all AIA members were made Fellows because WAA members were known as Fellows.)

Biographical Sources

Biographical Information

Contributed by Northwest Architectural Archives, University of Minnesota Libraries, Minneapolis

Francis Fitzpatrick was born in Montreal on April 9, 1863. His earliest known work experience was with L.S. Buffington in Minneapolis, where he was employed as a draftsman from 1884 to 1887. He then became a draftsman for Fremont and George Orff in 1888-1889 and, for a brief time, was manager of the Minnesota Decorating Company. In 1889, Fitzpatrick moved to Duluth and entered partnership with Oliver Traphagen, where he stayed until 1896 at which time he relocated to Washington, D.C. There he was employed as foreman of the Office of the Supervising Architect of the Treasury (1897-1903). During that time, he is known to have supervised construction of the Chicago Post Office and possibly the U.S. Government Building in Chicago as well as working as a freelance draftsman. In 1903, he set up his own practice and in 1918 became head of the architectural department of the Bankers Realty Investment Company, Omaha, NE. About a year later, Fitzpatrick was residing in Evanston, IL, and was described by a contemporary as a "hearty, red-faced, stoutish man who seemed older than the 56 years" he was by then. He died in Evanston on July 11, 1931.


Related Records

Partner of Oliver Green Traphagen

Archival Holdings

The American Institute of Architects

        Membership file may contain membership-related correspondence, although there are few written records concerning 19th-century members. Contact the AIA Archives at for further information.


Northwest Architectural Archives, University of Minnesota Libraries, Minneapolis

        Traphagen and Fitzpatrick papers (N 96)

        Collection contains the blueprints for the Torrey Building, in Duluth, Minnesota, designed by the architectural firm of Traphagen and Fitzpatrick.

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