The AIA Historical Directory of American Architects

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The AIA Historical Directory of American Architects

The AIA Historical Directory helps you locate information about U.S. architects from the 19th and 20th centuries in the AIA Archives and elsewhere.


What’s in the AIA Historical Directory?

·       Names of all national-level AIA members up to 1978

·       Years of membership until 1978

·       Does NOT include members who joined after 1978

·       Digitized files from the AIA Archives (example: Francis Abreu and note Related Records link to Abreu & Robinson with other digitized files)

·       What might be in their AIA Archives file, if it isn’t digitized yet—you can request it to be scanned if the person is deceased

·       References to their entries in biographical directories (example: Jamieson Parker)

·       Full text of the 3 editions of American Architects Directory (see top tabs)

·       Links to other archives which hold the architect’s papers and drawings (example: Irving F. Morrow)

·       Names of non-member architects who appear in directories or other archives

·       Names of firms that appear in directories, in other archives, or in the AIA Archives


What’s not in the AIA Historical Directory?

·       Does NOT include lists of buildings

·       Does NOT include information about specific buildings (see Researching a Building)

·       Is NOT a directory to current architects in practice (see Contacting an Architect)


More About the AIA Historical Directory

The AIA Historical Directory of American Architects grows weekly as additional requests are received and AIA Archives materials are scanned.

For in-depth information about data sources used for the AIA Historical Directory, see About the AIA Historical Directory.



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