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Contacting an Architect


Finding current architects

    To find out if an architect is still practicing, look to see whether the architect has a current license in the state where his/her office is located. Most states have online sites where the public can check to see that a professional holds a current license from that state. An internet search for the state name and “license verification” will help you find the state’s site. Some states show licenses that are inactive due to retirement or death, while other states show only current license holders. If the architect's address is out of state, check to see if the architect holds a license in the new state.


Contacting current AIA members

The AIA’s Architect Finder shows listings by the architectural firm name. Many AIA chapters have online directories, that may list either firms or individual members.

The AIA does not provide contact information for individuals, to protect our members’ privacy. However, we may forward a message to a current member. The AIA’s contact information may not be up-to-date in the case of retired members.

Note that the presence of a name in the AIA Historical Directory does not mean that the architect is currently an AIA member. The AIA Historical Directory shows membership information up through 1978 only.


Finding Plans

If you are looking for plans of a building but the architect is deceased, see Searching for Plans.



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