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Whale, Anthony S.    MD    AIA 1975-
Whalen, John Daniel    NY    AIA 1972-1974
Whalen, Terrence P.    WA    AIA 1978-
Whaley, James F.    CA    AIA 1974-
Whalin, James Verlin, Jr.    TX    AIA 1974-
Whalley, Raymond (1918-2011)    CA    AIA 1948-
Wham, Robert Lyle    NM    AIA 1957-
Whann, Robert Louis    NV    AIA 1973-
Whaples, Gilmore Theodore (d. 1999)    IL    AIA 1973
Wharton, Heth (1892-1958)    CA    AIA 1937-1939
Wharton, Paul Clayton (1928-1993)    TX    AIA 1963-
Wharton, William V.    MI    AIA 1974-
Whateley, Baron V. C.    IL    AIA 1967-
Whatley, Rodney W.    AL; MA    AIA 1974-
Wheat, James Davidson    MI    AIA 1974-
Wheat, Leonidas P., Jr. (d. 1937)    DC    AIA 1920-
Wheat, Richard A.    MO    AIA 1970-
Wheat, Thomas Edward Moss    MI    AIA 1976-
Wheatley, Charles H.    NC    AIA 1950-; FAIA 1973.
Wheatley, Charles Hewitt    CA; NY    Assoc. AIA 1985-1987; AIA 1987-
Wheatley, David Coe    TX    AIA 1973-
Wheatley, Samuel Thomas, III    MD    AIA 1957-
Wheatley, William A.    TX    AIA 1975-1976
Wheaton, Francis B. (d. 1931)    DC; CA    AIA 1899-
Wheaton, Jay Donald (d. 1993)    CA    AIA 1968-
Whedbee, John S.    NY    AIA 1974- 
Wheeler, Alfred H.     MN 
Wheeler, Andrew Cumming    OR    AIA 1969-
Wheeler, C. Herbert (Clarence Herbert), Jr. (d. 2006)    NY; NJ; MI; PA    AIA 1947-; FAIA 1975.
Wheeler, Carnall (d. 1952)    AR    AIA 1927-
Wheeler, Clarence Herbert, Jr. see Wheeler, C. Herbert (Clarence Herbert), Jr. (d. 2006)    NY; NJ; MI; PA    AIA 1947-; FAIA 1975.
Wheeler, David S.    OH    AIA 1977-
Wheeler, Donald Eric    MN    AIA 1973-
Wheeler, E. Todd (Edward Todd) (1906-1987)    IL    AIA 1942-; FAIA 1955.
Wheeler, Earl Gilman (1892-1956)    PA    AIA 1948-
Wheeler, Edward Todd see Wheeler, E. Todd (Edward Todd)    IL    AIA 1942-; FAIA 1955.
Wheeler, Elbert Morgan    OK    AIA 1962-
Wheeler, H. Herbert    NY    AIA 1912-1935
Wheeler, Herbert see Wheeler, C. Herbert (Clarence Herbert), Jr. (d. 2006)    NY; NJ; MI; PA    AIA 1947-; FAIA 1975.
Wheeler, Howard Wentworth (d. 2002)    MD    AIA 1950-1978
Wheeler, James Edward    TX    AIA 1966-1974
Wheeler, James Henry, Jr.    TX    AIA 1967-; FAIA 1992.
Wheeler, John Charles    TN    AIA 1946-1972
Wheeler, John E., III    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978- 
Wheeler, John L.    CO    AIA 1975-
Wheeler, John Rogers (d. 1994)    OH    AIA 1959-
Wheeler, Kenneth D.    NY    AIA 1949-; FAIA 1974.
Wheeler, Marion Norris    OK    AIA 1949-1958
Wheeler, Milferd Raymond    NV    AIA 1957-1963
Wheeler, Norris Glen    OK    AIA 1954-1976
Wheeler, Richard    NM    AIA 1978-1980
Wheeler, Richard A. (d. 1989)    MN    AIA 1981-
Wheeler, Richard George (d. 1990)    CA    AIA 1949-
Wheeler, Richard Harvey    OH    AIA 1956-; FAIA 1970.
Wheeler, Rollo Simpson (d. 1973)    CA    AIA 1959-
Wheeler, Selby McMillen    CO    AIA 1949-
Wheeler, Tilman Eugene, Jr.    AL    AIA 1968-
Wheeler, Todd see Wheeler, E. Todd (Edward Todd)    IL    AIA 1942-; FAIA 1955.
Wheeler, Vernon Lee    MI    AIA 1947-1964
Wheeler, William H.    CA    AIA 1922-1940; 1945-1949
Wheeler, William Roderick (d. 1988)    NY    AIA 1949-
Wheeless, Marvin    AL    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Wheelock, Harold Eugene    KS    AIA 1943-1953
Wheelock, Harry B. (1866-1940)    AL    AIA 1916-
Wheelock, Harry Bergen (1861-1934)    IL    AIA 1902-; FAIA 1911.
Wheelock, Harry Vernon (d. 1988)    OH    AIA 1963-
Wheelock, Stephen Cheney (d. 1976)    NY    AIA 1953-
Wheelwright, Edmund M. (1854-1912)    MA    AIA 1891-; FAIA 1891.
Wheelwright and Haven (firm) see Haven, Parkman Balke    MA
Whelan, Donald V.    NY    AIA 1955-
Whelan, John Joseph, Jr.    PR; FL    AIA 1967-
Whelan, Leo Augustus (d. 1972)    MA    AIA 1944-
Whelchel, Lonnie Leroy    TX    AIA 1972-
Wherrette, William Carnes    WA    AIA 1955-
Whiddon, William Pinson    FL    AIA 1957-1960; 1970
Whifler, William Arthur    CA    AIA 1956-1972
Whildin, James G., Jr.    FL    AIA 1975-
Whilldin, D. O.    AL; PA; NY    AIA 1916-1931
Whinston, Benjamin H. (d. 1964)    NY    AIA 1945-
Whinston, Bertram Lee    NY    AIA 1949-
Whinston, Morris (d. 1951)    NY    AIA 1946-
Whinston, Selig (d. 1968)    NY    AIA 1948-
Whipkey, James    MN    AIA 1978-
Whipple, Jack Freeman (d. 1962)    CA    AIA 1950-
Whisenand, George Valentine (1913-1983)    CA; HI    AIA 1945-1951; 1956-; FAIA 1984.
Whisenant, Jay R.    CA    AIA 1977-
Whisler, Francis Ledyard    CA    AIA 1959-
Whisnant, Murray    NC    AIA 1964-; FAIA 1991.
Whisnant, William Murray see Whisnant, Murray    NC    AIA 1964-; FAIA 1991.
Whistler, Dennis D.    CA    AIA 1977-
Whitaker, Charles    PA    AIA 1952-1966
Whitaker, Elliot Leonard    PA    AIA 1944-; FAIA 1968.
Whitaker, L. Harold (d. 1984)    HI    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Whitaker, Paul Derwood    SC    AIA 1978-
Whitaker, Raymond Charles    IA    AIA 1950-1969
Whitaker, Richard Raymond, Jr.    IL    AIA 1973-1974
Whitaker, Sanford C.    TX    AIA 1956-
Whitaker, Stephen Charles    CT    AIA 1972-
Whitaker, Thomas J.    TX    Assoc. AIA 1974-
Whitaker, Thomas L.    IN    AIA 1968-
Whitcher, Arthur Denny Nichols    NY    AIA 1951-1966
Whitcomb, Francis George    TX    AIA 1969-
Whitcomb, Howard H.    FL    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Whitcomb, John Merrall    MA    AIA 1951-
Whitcomb, Roger Pitt    CT    AIA 1966-
White, Arthur Blose (d. 2005)    PA    AIA 1954-; FAIA 1969.
White, Bob Allen    CO    AIA 1978-
White, C. Bartlett (d. 1957)    TN; VA    AIA 1952-
White, C. Bolton see White, Bolton (Charles Bolton) (1905-1980)    CA    AIA 1945-
White, Carl F. (d. 1915)    OH    AIA 1913-
White, Carl LaVan (d. 2004)    CA    AIA 1963-1966
White, Charles Bolton see White, Bolton (Charles Bolton) (1905-1980)    CA    AIA 1945-
White, Charles E., Jr. (d. 1936)    IL    AIA 1908-1916; 1922-
White, Cleveland Stuart, Jr.    NH    AIA 1972-
White, Clifton B. (1905-1985)    MD    AIA 1946-1966
White, Cornelius J. (d. 1962)    NY    AIA 1929-1943; 1946-
White, Dale Alfred (d. 1977)    OH    AIA 1948-
White, David Guy    UT    AIA 1974-
White, David Milton    NH    AIA 1973-
White, David S.    VA    AIA 1974-
White, Donald F. (d. 2004)    MI    AIA 1963-
White, Donald Frank (d. 2002)    MI; NY    AIA 1944-
White, Donald K.    TX    AIA 1978-
White, Donald Lee    VA    AIA 1975-
White, Dudley Hearn    MS    AIA 1939-1967
White, Edward Chester    MD; PA; TX    AIA 1947-1974; 1976-
White, Edward Divine, Jr.    CO    AIA 1961-
White, Edward T., III    AZ    AIA 1972-
White, Elbridge Buford (d. 2002)    TN    AIA 1946-
White, Emmett Hays (d. 1984)    TX    AIA 1974-
White, Emory Stroud (d. 1972)    TX    AIA 1944-
White, F. B.    NY    AIA 1884-
White, F. Hampton (Frederick Hampton)    KS    AIA 1947-1966
White, Frank Alexander    Ontario, Canada    AIA 1946-1958
White, Frank Wesley    FL    AIA 1962-
White, Fred Raymond (d. 1999)    HI    AIA 1968-
White, Fred Wayne    AK    AIA 1959-1969
White, Frederick Hampton see White, F. Hampton (Frederick Hampton)    KS    AIA 1947-1966
White, Frisco    CA    AIA 1977-
White, Geoffrey Joyce    PA    AIA 1977-
White, George Leland (d. 1980)    VA    AIA 1965-
White, George Malcolm    OH    AIA 1959-; FAIA 1971.
White, Gordon D. (d. 1963)    CO    AIA 1926-
White, H. S. Taylor, Jr. (d. 1944)    MD    AIA 1942-
White, Hampton see White, F. Hampton (Frederick Hampton)    KS    AIA 1947-1966
White, Harry Keith    NY; NJ    AIA 1921-1937
White, Harry L. (d. 1949)    MI    AIA 1944-
White, Harvey Marshall (d. 2007)    CT    AIA 1961-
White, Henry Evans    PA    AIA 1967-
White, Henry Kenneth    CO; VA    AIA 1961-1977
White, Henry S. T. (1879-1946)    MD    AIA 1916-
White, Herbert Palmer (d. 1994)    CT    AIA 1949-
White, Howard J. (1870-1936)    IL    AIA 1927-
White, Howard Lee    IN    AIA 1953-
White, Howard Parker    AL    AIA 1972-
White, Hugh E. (d. 1939)    NC    AIA 1916-
White, Hugh Edward    NC    AIA 1955-
White, J. Roy (James Roy) (1907-1985)    TX    AIA 1946-
White, J. Russell (1892-1948)    NY    AIA 1931-
White, Jack Lawrence    CA    AIA 1970-1975
White, James C.    WA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
White, James Edmund    TX    AIA 1968-
White, James Everett    CO    AIA 1959-
White, James Francis (d. 1965)    NJ    AIA 1947-
White, James Lucius    AL    AIA 1963-1974
White, James M. (d. 1933)    IL    AIA 1915-; FAIA 1932.
White, James Roy see White, J. Roy (James Roy) (1907-1985)    TX    AIA 1946-
White, Janet Rothberg    NE; MO    AIA 1977-; FAIA 1997.
White, Jarrett C. (d. 1947)    DC    AIA 1920-1927; 1936-
White, Jimmy O’Neal    NC    AIA 1976-
White, John A.    NC    AIA 1975-
White, John B.    KY    AIA 1947-1955
White, John Benjamin (d. 1949)    OK    AIA 1947-
White, John Jamieson, Jr. (d. 1985)    VA    AIA 1941-
White, John Poston    TX    AIA 1968-
White, John Stafford    MO    AIA 1901-1907
White, John W.    FL    AIA 1966-1978
White, Joseph Wright    MD    AIA 1952-1956
White, Julian Thaddeus    AL; TX    AIA 1968-
White, Karl Summerill    NJ    AIA 1955-
White, Keith E.    OH    AIA 1962-
White, Kendall G.    OH    AIA 1978-
White, Larry Lynn    TX    AIA 1974-1975
White, Latham (d. 1969)    OK; TX    AIA 1945-
White, Lawrence Dale (d. 1987)    TX    AIA 1964-
White, Lawrence Grant (d. 1956)    NY    AIA 1922-; FAIA 1951.
White, Lawrence P., Jr.    DC    AIA 1977-
White, Leonard (d. 1928)    NC    AIA 1926-
White, Lester Daly    IL    AIA 1948-1962; 1967-
White, Lindsay    MA    AIA 1976-
White, Lucius Read, Jr. (d. 1970)    MD    AIA 1930-; FAIA 1952.
White, Mackey Wood    VA    AIA 1943-1958
White, Max E.    FL    AIA 1972-1973
White, Maxwell (d. 1973)    OH    AIA 1944-
White, Milton V. (d. 2001)    SC    AIA 1975-
White, Ned K.    CO    AIA 1974-
White, Nicholas James, II    MI    AIA 1978-
White, Norman Andrew    IL    AIA 1971-
White, Norval Crawford    NY    AIA 1958-; FAIA 1973.
White, Ortrude Susan Busse    VA    AIA 1976-
White, Philip see White, William Philip    OH    AIA 1970-
White, Philip Roy    SD    AIA 1972-
White, Ralph E. (d. 1948)    PA    AIA 1945-
White, Richard Emery    IL    AIA 1967-1972
White, Richard William    MA    AIA 1965-
White, Robert Arthur    CA    AIA 1964-1969; 1977-
White, Robert Carey    NY    AIA 1977-
White, Robert Coleman    AR    AIA 1966-
White, Robert Daniel (d. 2005)    TX    AIA 1948-
White, Robert Leon (1898-1964)    TX    AIA 1924-
White, Robert Phillip    TX    AIA 1957-
White, Robert R.    PA    AIA 1975-
White, Robert Wesley    FL    AIA 1976-
White, Ronald Arthur    CA    AIA 1956-1971
White, Ronald Delmer    CA    AIA 1962-1969
White, Roy see White, J. Roy (James Roy) (1907-1985)    TX    AIA 1946-
White, Russell Stevens    NC    AIA 1966-
White, Stanford (1853-1906)    NY    AIA 1882-; FAIA 1886.
White, Stanley Edison    NY    AIA 1942-1965
White, Stephan J.    PA    AIA 1977-
White, Theo Ballou    PA    AIA 1939-1972; FAIA 1966.
White, Thomas Cleaver    VA    AIA 1968-
White, Thomas Ernest    MI    AIA 1917-1930
White, Thomas Lyon (d. 1972)    NY    AIA 1943-
White, Thomas Williams    MA; CA    AIA 1969-1972
White, Von Matt    UT    AIA 1967-
White, Warren G.    TX    AIA 1953-
White, Willard L. (1898-1983)    CA    AIA 1952-
White, William Earl    TN    AIA 1962-1976
White, William Edward    IL    AIA 1973-
White, William Levi (d. 1975)    NH    AIA 1946-
White, William Philip    OH    AIA 1970-
White-Greer Associates (firm)    DC; France; Switzerland; Iran; Spain; Jordan; Kuwait
White & Mariani see Mariani & Assocs. (firm)    DC
Whiteaker, James Elbert, Jr. (d. 2006)    TX    AIA 1956-1969
Whiteford, Gerald Clayton    NY    AIA 1971-
Whitehead, Barry Lynn    TX    AIA 1975-
Whitehead, Carr see Whitehead, D. Carr (Daniel Carr) (d. 1979)    IL    AIA 1947-
Whitehead, Clifford R.    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Whitehead, Daniel Carr see Whitehead, D. Carr (Daniel Carr) (d. 1979)    IL    AIA 1947-
Whitehead, Kenneth Russell    MN    AIA 1955-
Whitehead, Nelson Warner (d. 1978)    PA; NJ    AIA 1946-
Whitehead, Paul Allan    PA    AIA 1965-
Whitehead, Ralph Wood (d. 1953)    DC; WV    AIA 1945-
Whitehead, Russell F. (1884-1954)    NY; NM    AIA 1930-
Whitehead, Thomas Phillip    TX    AIA 1962-
Whitehill, William (d. 1965)    NY    AIA 1944-
Whitehouse, F. M.    IL    AIA 1884-1901; FAIA 1885.
Whitehouse, Frank Edward (1893-1980)    OH; WV    AIA 1926-1931
Whitehouse, Harold C. (d. 1974)    WA    AIA 1920-; FAIA 1959.
Whitehouse, Morris H. (1878-1944)    OR    AIA 1910-
Whitehurst, Stewart Reginald, Jr.    VA    AIA 1966-
Whitelaw, Graeme Andrew    NY    AIA 1969-
Whiteley, Harry Hayden (d. 1970)    CA; NV    AIA 1945-
Whiteley, Kennedy Charles, Jr.    TX    AIA 1974-
Whiteley, Richard A.    VA    AIA 1975-
Whiteley, Ronald    KS    AIA 1947-1957
Whiteman, David Warner    MO    AIA 1978-
Whiteman, Richard Frank    MN    AIA 1952-
Whitemore, Henry B.    MA    AIA ?-?; 1972-
Whitescarver, Forrest Donnal    IL    AIA 1972-
Whitesell, Donald Leroy    VA    AIA 1974-
Whiteside, Allen see Whiteside, F. Allen (Fay Allen)    OK    AIA 1949-
Whiteside, F. Allen (Fay Allen)    OK    AIA 1949-
Whiteside, Fay Allen see Whiteside, F. Allen (Fay Allen)    OK    AIA 1949-
Whiteside, G. Morris (George Morris), II (d. 1963)    DE    AIA 1920-; FAIA 1945.
Whiteside, George Morris, II see Whiteside, G. Morris (George Morris), II (d. 1963)    DE    AIA 1920-; FAIA 1945.
Whiteside, George Morris, III    PA    AIA 1967-
Whiteside, Millard Fillmore (d. 2005)    NY    AIA 1948-
Whiteside, Morris see Whiteside, G. Morris (George Morris), II (d. 1963)    DE    AIA 1920-; FAIA 1945.
Whiteside, Richard H.    CT    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Whitfield, David L.    GA; DC    AIA 1974-
Whitford, James, Jr. (d. 1976)    NY    AIA 1945-
Whitford, James (d. 1947)    NY    AIA 1945-
Whiting, Edmund Jay (d. 1973)    MI; Ecuador    AIA 1941-
Whiting, Frank Proctor    NY    AIA 1928-1935
Whiting, Harold E. (1916-1977)    MI    AIA 1970-
Whitington, Terence Lee    CA    AIA 1950-1960; 1965-
Whitley, James M.    OH    AIA 1970-
Whitley, Thaddeus G. (d. 1988)    NY    AIA 1973-
Whitley, William N.    OH    AIA 1972-
Whitlock, John Lawson, Jr.    FL; NJ    AIA 1952-1954; 1973
Whitlock, Walter H. (d. 1943)    NY    AIA 1907-
Whitlow, Clyde Lorraine    CA    AIA 1960-
Whitman, James S. (d. 1979)    NY    AIA 1939-
Whitman, Mark R.    FL    AIA 1974-
Whitmarsh, Wayne Boyd    IA    AIA 1971-
Whitmer, Roger Gayle    IL    AIA 1962-
Whitmer, Wayne M.    IA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Whitmeyer, Mark H.    IL    AIA 1921-1931
Whitmire, John C.    AZ    AIA 1973-
Whitmire, Thomas Edmund    NC    AIA 1957-
Whitmore, Charles O. (d. 1930)    CT    AIA 1902-
Whitmore, Damon see Whitmore, L. Damon (La Grange Damon)    OH    AIA 1953-1966
Whitmore, Donald Curtis    IL    AIA 1970-
Whitmore, Henry B.    MA    AIA 1963-1978
Whitmore, Howard Douglas    VA    AIA 1976-
Whitmore, John Edward    VA    AIA 1955-1974
Whitmore, John T. (d. 1943)    MA    AIA 1924-
Whitmore, L. Damon (La Grange Damon)    OH    AIA 1953-1966
Whitmore, La Grange Damon see Whitmore, L. Damon (La Grange Damon)    OH    AIA 1953-1966
Whitmore, Robert Henry, III    ME    AIA 1964-
Whitney, Charles Tyrrell (d. 1991)    NY    AIA 1947-
Whitney, Clarence J. (d. 1952)    MI; WY    AIA 1944-
Whitney, Daniel W.    CA    AIA 1978-
Whitney, Franklyn Loren    OH    AIA 1945-1948
Whitney, Gale Quinton    NE    AIA 1965-1968
Whitney, Garfield B.    MI    AIA 1972-1976
Whitney, Gary Shannon    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Whitney, Grant Q.    NE    AIA 1978-
Whitney, Harrison A. (d. 1962)    OR    AIA ?-1915; 1928-
Whitney, Harrison Lewis    CA    AIA 1969-1976
Whitney, Henry Dwight    NY; DC    AIA 1944-
Whitney, James Stevenson    NY    AIA 1956-1960; 1969-
Whitney, John Henry (d. 1954)    WA    AIA 1949-
Whitney, Merle Elmer, Jr.    ID    AIA 1960-1964
Whitney, Richard Wallace    CA    AIA 1958-1971
Whitney, Stephen C.    NY    AIA 1976-
Whitney, Thomas N. (d. 2002)    LA    AIA 1977-
Whitney, Wayne Ward    MT    AIA 1969-
Whitney, William Channing (1851-1945)    MN    AIA 1890-; FAIA 1890.
Whitney, William L.    MA    AIA 1977-
Whitneybell, Douglas Theron    AZ    AIA 1976-
Whitsitt, Hammond W. (d. 1961)    IL; IA; CA    AIA 1916-
Whitson, Frank Edward, Jr.    TX    AIA 1964-1972; 1974-
Whitson, Thomas C.    CA    AIA 1962-
Whitt, James Aaon    AL    AIA 1967-
Whittaker, Thomas O., Jr.    OR    AIA 1974-
Whittaker, Wirt Campbell, III    OH    AIA 1970-1974
Whittemore, Charles A.    MA    AIA 1909-1931
Whittemore, Hal C.    CA    AIA 1955-1974
Whitten, Francis, Jr. (d. 1979)    MA    AIA 1936-
Whitten, G. Robinson    ME    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Whitten, James Smith    AL    AIA 1969-
Whitten, Lawrence Samuel (d. 1968)    AL    AIA 1944-
Whitten, Ralph A.    MS    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Whittet, William Sherman    TX    AIA 1953-
Whittier, George (d. 2004)    OR    AIA 1946-
Whittier, Roland Myles    VT    AIA 1953-
Whittington, Dewey Gene    NC    AIA 1961-
Whittington, Eugene A.    OK    AIA 1969-1971
Whittle, Alfred Durfee (d. 1993)    CA    AIA 1964-
Whittlesey, Austin Cruver    CA    AIA 1927-1930; 1945-1948
Whittlesey, Fred W. (d. 1985)    AZ; CA    AIA 1937-
Whittlesey, Julian Hill    NY    AIA 1944-; FAIA 1955.
Whitton, Alan Layne    TX    AIA 1977-
Whitton, Robert    FL    AIA 1971-1975
Whitwam, Ward Beaumont    SD    AIA 1954-
Whitworth, Beusse, Jr.    GA    AIA 1967-
Whitworth, Henry P. (d. 1976)    OH; FL    AIA 1921-
Whitworth, Jack C.    TX    AIA 1955-1959
Whyatt, Floyd Richard    WA    AIA 1968-1973
Whyte, Malcolm S.    CT    AIA 1977-
Whyte, Nicholas    NY    AIA 1868-1873














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