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Ewald, Harry A. H.    MD    AIA 1974-
Ewald, Laurence (d. 1985)    MD; PA    AIA 1942-
Ewald, Raymond L.    WV; CA    AIA 1922-1928
Ewan, Kenneth Marvin, Jr.    DE    AIA 1976-
Ewart, Thomas Edwin, Jr.    FL    AIA 1954-1970
Ewbank, Richard William (d. 1992)    VA; IL    AIA 1968-
Ewers, James Joseph    NC    AIA 1976-
Ewertz, Clement George (d. 1964)    NJ    AIA 1963-
Ewin Eng. Corp. see David Volkert & Assocs. (firm)    DC; FL; AL; LA; England; Iraq
Ewing, Alexander    PA    AIA 1952-1976
Ewing, Charles (1872-1954)    NY; MA    AIA 1907-
Ewing, David G.    PA    AIA 1973-
Ewing, George Mallison, Sr. (d. 1989)    PA    AIA 1943-
Ewing, James Carl, Sr. (d. 1985)    SD    AIA 1951-
Ewing, James Carl, Jr.    SD    AIA 1958-1968
Ewing, Robert Russell    CA    AIA 1960-
Ewing, Ronald William (d. 2000)    IA; MN    Assoc. AIA 1978-1983; AIA 1983-
Ewing, Upton Clary (d. 1973)    FL    AIA 1942-
Ewing, Whitley Lay (d. 1953)    GA    AIA 1925-1931; 1952-

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